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In place of a traditional profile, Meg wanted to share the essay she wrote as part of the affiliate application for CrossFit HQ. Anyone who has ever stepped out their front door would have to agree that life does not always go according to plan. The benefit of general physical preparedness cannot be underestimated in these instances. Prior to being introduced to CrossFit I had a long history of being a specialized athlete. I remember standing in my high school gymnasium, during practice and deciding I was going to be a U.S. Olympian. At the time I was a swimmer and volleyball player. In college, I was a volleyball player who eventually turned into a rower. After college I continued to row and was eventually invited to train with the US National Team. During my rowing career I won several national titles, medaled at the PanAm Games as well as the World Championships. Ultimately, I fell short of my Olympic goals, but the endeavor did not leave me empty handed. Among other things, my time as a specialized athlete gave me a front row seat to training pitfalls that even the most talented athletes cannot seem to escape. Shortly after retiring from rowing I found CrossFit. I was inspired to take ownership of my training, correct the imbalances my training background had created, and learned to love the process of athletic evolution again. In redox reactions there are two things happening side-by-side: reduction and oxidation. The oxidizing agent gives oxygen to another substance while the reducing agent removes oxygen from another substance. There is a gain and a loss; a give and a take. My mission with our affiliate is to provide my athletes with this “Redox” experience. For some it will be physical where they experience less pain while finding improved form and function from the CrossFit methodology. For others it will be emotional as self-doubt gives way to a newfound self-confidence as their minds and bodies transform into what they were always meant to be. Looking back at my athletic journey thus far there has always been a loss balanced by a gain. A cycle of moments seemingly oscillating between ash and beauty. Although far from the path my high school-self envisioned I do believe I have found the path I was always meant to follow. Instead of pursuing another medal for my sock drawer, I have my sights set on building a physically strong, mentally tough, cohesive community. I will help my athletes pursue their own medals, whether that be the prize of being active with their kids, being able to participate in their favorite weekend activity, or an actual medal because they are striving for greatness in a particular sport.

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